The Diddler And Us

I have insomnia again. This little quote from Ellen Ullman’s “The Bug” keeps going through my head:
“And so we waited. Tick-Tock, blink-blink, thirty seconds stretched themselves out one by one, a hole in human experience. Waiting for the system: life today is full of such pauses. The soft clacking of computer keys, then the voice on the telephone telling you, “Just a moment, please.” The credit-card reader instructing you “Remove card quickly!” then displaying “Processing. Please wait.” The little hourglass icon on your computer screen reminding you how time is passing and there is nothing you can do about it. The diddler at the bottom of the browser screen going back and forth, back and forth like a caged crazed animal. …”

I already forgot that the little widget, the weird faker, which unlike it’s honest brother the progress bar, does not really indicate progress, is called a diddler. It just keeps going back and forth, imitating a progress bar, or takes a form of rotating logo or some other animation. Evil little bastard.

Brooklyn, Around Noon. Well, actually later.

Manhattan, same time. Or maybe not.