About This Site

What’s all this then?

Dead Programmer’s Cafe is basically a rather unfocused blog with a few running themes. I write a lot about New York City and in particular subway, architecture and NYPD. There are a lot of posts about weird food, all things caffeinated, logos and symbols, stuff made out of unobtainium. I take lots and lots of pictures, sometimes with a running theme also, like the 100 Views of the Empire State Building. Sometimes, I even write about my dreams.

Why do I blog?

Mostly in a hope of making friends and improving my writing. Dead Programmer’s Cafe started as a website in 1996 or 1997. It became a Livejournal blog, and now is a customized WordPress blog. About the name: The name is an obscure pun on a Russian sci-fi novel “Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel” (“Inspector Glebsky’s Puzzle” in English translation) by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky. In hindsight, this is a poor choice of a name for a weblog. A bit morbid, a bit confusing. A lot of people are probably thinking – hey, it’s a Grateful Dead-loving hippie. Also, I almost rarely write about computer programming.


The picture on the left is a piece of commissioned original art by Jesse Reklaw. The masthead is a munged illustration from some pulp magazine in my collection.

Blogging software:WordPress.

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TheWebFarm Blogs “DeadProgrammer’s Cafe This is a rather clever and interestng site that i wish i had found a while ago.”

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