The Battle Of Mega Phallic Symbols

Name: Team News Corp Length: 60′
Proud owner : Billionaire Tyrant
Helicopters: 0
Basketball Hoops: 0

Name: Skat
Proud owner:The Hungarian
Length: 233′
Helicopters: 1
Basketball Hoops: 0
Not so proud owner : Larry “Kill Bill” Ellison
Name: Katana (aka “Habitrails” because of its wraparound windows)
Length: 244’4″
Helicopters: 0
Submarine: 0
Basketball Hoops: 1
Name: Octopus
Proud owner: Paul “My Other Two Yachts Are Smaller, But The Third One Is A SpaceshipAllenGibiyacht
Name: Rising Sun
Soon To Be Proud Owner : Larry “How Come Allen’s Yacht Is Bigger Than Mine?” Ellison
Length: 452′
Helicopters: A squadron of Tie fighters
Submarines: 2 Akula Class submarines
Basketball hoops: None, but houses an Imperial Star Destroyer )which has a stadium on) it as a lifeboat

Length: 413’4″
Helicopters: 3
Submarine: 1
Basketball Hoops: 0

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have penises the size of the Empire State Building and because of that do not own yachts.