Mom, I wanna be an astronaut

According to How To Become an Astronaut FAQ I need to do the following:

  • If you aren’t a US citizen, become one; that is a must. — Check
  • Forget computer programming entirely; it will be done from the ground for the foreseeable future. — — Wait a minute. Forgetting, forgetting, OK, done.
  • Practice public speaking, and be conservative and conformist in appearance and actions; — Does Live Journal Count?
  • Get a Ph.D —Nah, too lazy.
  • Be in good physical condition, with good eyesight. — Mmmm, that’s tough
  • The image you want is squeaky-clean workaholic yuppie. — Yuppies in Space, now that’s interesting

But I am applying anyway, even if just to get a rejection letter.

Maybe I am never going to get to use a space toilet, but I am buying these for long fishing trips.

Now, this is disturbing.