Jerky-Makers Anonymous

Following , I think I am going to buy a food dehydrator. You see, it’s freaking impossible to buy beef jerky that doesn’t have any sugar in it. Usually it’s like 3 grams of the bad stuff for serving. And it’s a bad thing for people on low carb diet, like me.

But I’m going to be a bit more scientific about this. I am going to buy a book.

As always, Amazon reviews are informative and amusing:
“The book could have been summed up in a paragraph or less. “cut meat and dry it””
“This is NOT the definitive book for beginning jerky-makers, but it’s probably a good buy for an experienced jerky-maker to add to his/her library. “
“A Book for Big Fans of Jerky”

Ok, and it looks like the somewhat suggestively named “Just Jerky : The Complete Guide to Making It” is the winner.