Well Hung

One thing that always frustrates me is the collection of crappy clothing hangers in my closet. I hate flimsy plastic ones. I absolutely abhor wire hangers. And the rest – they are not very good either.

So the idea that I have is this – why not try to replace all of them with top of the line hangers. It’s the kind of one time investment that will make my life a bit easier.

So, what are the most usable, most ergonomic, best looking , dandiest hangers around? I don’t know.

I quickly looked on eBay and found out that there is a whole collecting category — vintage hangers with advertising on them. Turns out that it was a common form of advertising some time ago. Huh.

Well, even though those are cool, they are not what I want. I want something that’s very well designed. And I think You Know Who dropped the ball on that one. They are vaporware in any case.

Yellow Submarine clothing hangers?


Hell no.


Now, this is weird.

Any ideas?