I am going to break my rule of not repeating slashdot news. Why? Because Apple called. They want their ipod ebook back.

Eink. How the hell can do you pronounce that? Oink? Well, if it’s not vaporware and actually performs I might forgive them this silly name.

Yeah, the design looks horrible from the first glance, especially in comparison with my beloved Rocket and Softbook. But they have this shiny new screen.

Check out their management team. Jerry Kaplan is nowhere in sight. Maybe they have half a chance. Also, one of the co-founders clawed his way to a President. They did not make him CEO, so that makes me think that a search for a “professional” CEO is underway.

Interesting, the entire team except for the CFO majored in chemistry, math, physics or engineering. Even the sales dude. Does a chem major a good sales dude make?

Well Hung

One thing that always frustrates me is the collection of crappy clothing hangers in my closet. I hate flimsy plastic ones. I absolutely abhor wire hangers. And the rest – they are not very good either.

So the idea that I have is this – why not try to replace all of them with top of the line hangers. It’s the kind of one time investment that will make my life a bit easier.

So, what are the most usable, most ergonomic, best looking , dandiest hangers around? I don’t know.

I quickly looked on eBay and found out that there is a whole collecting category — vintage hangers with advertising on them. Turns out that it was a common form of advertising some time ago. Huh.

Well, even though those are cool, they are not what I want. I want something that’s very well designed. And I think You Know Who dropped the ball on that one. They are vaporware in any case.

Yellow Submarine clothing hangers?


Hell no.


Now, this is weird.

Any ideas?