The Fair, The Balanced and The Sexy

… Following a naughty promotional goof the cable news network blamed on a lack of oversight, red-faced CNN officials pulled the plug on a controversial ad that ran over the weekend touting their morning news anchor as “sexy” over the sound effect of a zipper unzipping.

The 15-second promo, featuring a picture of the blond Zahn talking as words like “provocative,” “smart” and “sexy” flashed across the screen, didn’t exactly titillate the higher-ups.

The spot incuded a voiceover that asked, “Where can you find a morning news anchor who’s provocative, super-smart [and] oh yeah, oh yeah, just a little sexy? …”
(from E! Online)

Just a little sexy Zahn’s billboard is right next to Jenna Jameson’s. Classy.