The Fair, The Balanced and The Sexy

… Following a naughty promotional goof the cable news network blamed on a lack of oversight, red-faced CNN officials pulled the plug on a controversial ad that ran over the weekend touting their morning news anchor as “sexy” over the sound effect of a zipper unzipping.

The 15-second promo, featuring a picture of the blond Zahn talking as words like “provocative,” “smart” and “sexy” flashed across the screen, didn’t exactly titillate the higher-ups.

The spot incuded a voiceover that asked, “Where can you find a morning news anchor who’s provocative, super-smart [and] oh yeah, oh yeah, just a little sexy? …”
(from E! Online)

Just a little sexy Zahn’s billboard is right next to Jenna Jameson’s. Classy.


On the way home have seen this crowd of people watching some “performance art” dealy with dancing manikins and drag queens in sparkly gas masks. Big whoop. I’d be a lot more surprised if that store sold good espresso. I wonder how they pay the rent for that place. A storefront like that near Times Square must cost at least 10 grand a month.