Tastycrats And Fingerlicans

I finally sent out a New York State voter registration form. To get to vote in the general election you have to pick a party. There is a list of checkboxes which lists the parties recognized by the New York State: Republican, Democratic, Independence, Conservative, Liberal, Right to Life , Green and Working Families.

To be listed on the form the party has to have a membership of at least 50,000. A while back the Green Party failed to gather that many members and was removed from the ballot. They went to court and first of all got themselves back on the list somehow and also won a provision to add “other” field to the new form. So apparently now you can write in Jedi Party, MP3 Party, Tastycrats, Fingerlicans, One Cell One Vote, Green Party, Brain Slug Party, Dudes For The Legalation Of Of Hemp, Bull Space Moose Party, National Raygun Association (NRA), People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans, Voter Apathy Party, Anti-Socialists, Rainbow Whigs or you can go with established and conservative Marijuana Reform Party Of New York State.

I scribbled in Libertarian.