Steamboat Scratchy

Hobo: I used to be rich. I owned Mickey Mouse massage parlors and those Disney sleazeballs shut me down. I said “Look, I’ll change the logo, put Mickey’s pants back on.” Some guys you just can’t reason with.

The Sipmpsons, Episode [8F23] Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?

Today my friend Elro of sent me a promotional clip that his company made. A “Pixar” snuff cartoon. Yes, yes. Disney Corporation (which I think Pixar now owns) will be very glad to see this.

While I am on the subject of pissing off big corporations that could easily have me disappeared, I keep hearing this joke about Disney employees. Apparently after they got a memo telling them to stop referring to the House of Mouse as “Mouseschwitz”, they quickly started calling it “Duckhau”. Does anyone know what the source of this is?

Walt Disney is rumoured to be a secret Nazi.