Don’t Make Me Get Fair And Balanced On Your Asses

Dear Friends and Readers. Here are two shiny ways to annoy people in two parts of three easy steps each:

1) Get into an argument with a homo-americo-judeo-gyno-xeno-or-some-other-phobe-socialist-liberal-conservative-libertarian in another person’s journal. Put a link to that discussion thread in your journal.

For extra deadprogrammerTM points disable comments on the post in your journal because you are tired of people telling you that you should not waste your time on stupid crap like that.

For super-duper deadprogrammerTM bonus points make sure that the homo-americo-judeo-gyno-xeno-or-some-other-phobe-socialist-liberal-conservative-libertarian in question is incapable of logical thinking or is just plain stupid.

2) Choose to live in a place known for its miserable weather. Like Boston, for instance. Complain about miserable weather incessantly.

For bonus deadprogrammerTM points : work long hours while studying for an advanced degree with weasels. Complain about stress and general unhappiness.

For super-duper deadprogrammerTM points: complain about your messy apartment.