WMW: World Wide Pants

I am down to only one pair of good, wearable pants. I need some good pants, dammit. I want to buy them in bulk. And I want them to be the Best. Pants. Ever.™ They’ve got to feel good and look good. Well, not this kind of good. But still.

Warren Buffett doesn’t like shopping for clothing either. He is kind of cheap, but buys $1500 Italian-made Zegna suits off the rack in bulk. Probably because he likes the fit. I want some similar kind of pant buying strategery.

Maybe I’ll even get them custom made. At some point Levis wanted to make custom jeans, and I remember sitting in a meeting at iXL where it was announced that my team would probably be doing a website for those jeans. But the whole concept didn’t take off.

What I need is regular pants, not jeans. I remember reading in Cryptonomicon about the fact that well tailored suit is much more pleasant to wear than any kind of casual wear. And I totally agree with that. So maybe I should get some dress pants custom made.

But I also don’t want to spend more than $40 – $70 per pair, so maybe custom is not an option.

So here’s the WMW question: What is The. Best. Pair of Men’s Pants. Ever.™ in your opinion?