Tremendous Gobbling Capability

Fowler’s custom gobble tubes “make excellent yelps and clucks but are noted for the tremendous gobbling capability. ”

“Once you have mastered the yelp you should now be able to make the notes necessary to gobble. With the call positioned the same as the yelp, begin by saying the notes “ticka” “ticka” “tooka” “tooka” “tooka” “tooka” “tooka” “tooka” with more emphasis placed on the first note and less as you move to the end.”

TiVo® Newsletter, Volume 50 on “TiVocabulary”:

“tooka-tooka (too’ka-too’ka), n., v., —n. 1. the sound the TiVo® service makes in 2x fast-forward or rewind (or 3x, in the interest of brevity). 2. the desire to speed past acts, events, or people that don’t interest you. —v., 3. to skip past the boring stuff, such as when Ryan Seacrest won’t shut up during American Idol. “