The Temporary Tattoo of Wysdom

is (not entirely voluntarily) cleaning out junk out of her drawers. There are heaps of dot com era promotional junk that she accumulated from conventions.

* : Your Portal to Profit – mini postits
* – golf tees
* iSmell Digital Scent Technology : – a sticker with a skunk. If I remember correctly they actually had a working model of smell-o-vision. I put the sticker on our toilet seat cover.
* WebLoad / – bouncy ball. Interestingly, bouncy balls are somewhat of cult item at Microsoft.
* – temporary tattoo
* web 2 mobile – temporary tatoo
* – business card (cheap bastards)

I think all of them except iSmell are still in business (well, their websites are still up).

I wonder if the temporary dot com tattoos will ever become collectible…

And now, are you ready for a challenge? If you know who wrote this (looking up on the web doesn’t count), assign yourself 313 deadprogrammer points™ .

I need a temporary dog
For a temporary job
On a temporary place
Like Earth!

After hearing of the reason for my choice of the number of points to award said that I am “so full of myself”. She’s right, ya know.