The Fantom Photo Album – II

Continuing the theme of cameraless photography, here are a couple more photographs that only exist in my head.

1) A 30-something, slightly overweight woman is sitting alone at a table, right next to the window of a restaurant. Her food, I think it was a plate of pasta, was just placed on the table by the server. For a split second he face was lit up by an very peculiar expression. It’s somewhat hard to describe, although it would have been plain as day on a photograph. Yes, the woman know that her problems are not going to go away, and in fact that plate of rich food will fill her with guilt afterward. But meanwhile, for a short period of time, although it’s a very bad substitute for happiness, it will have to do. Yep, it will have to do.

2) A big burly construction worker, all sweaty and unshaven, in his work pants, dirty shirt and Timberlands that have seen a few construction sites. On his head sits a hardhat decorated with two decals. They are elegant white Apple stickers, the kind that geeks like to put on Wintel boxes.