The Burning Questions

Here’s a list of questions that popped into my head, but to which I never found good answers on the Information Superhighway:

1) Why are Republican states “red” and Democratic – “blue”? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

2) Why is it considered to be classy to stick out your pinky when holding a drink? I actually went so far as to consult a couple of good manners books – none actually recommend doing so. But even an intellectually challenged cartoon starfish knows – “when in doubt – pinky out”.

3) What does dubya in JWZ stand for? Is It Walker?

4) What the hell really happened to Baghdad Bob? All I see are rumors that he committed suicide or moronic jokes. Really, what did become of him?
[update] Wikipedia article has an answer. I wonder what he’s up to though.
[update] Duh – he’s writing a book.