The Boldest

Ok, so last morning I was sitting in my window office. The guy next to me opened an exam preparation book and started reading. He was studying to become a member of New York’s Boldest. One of the questions caught my eye:

What is the most important quality in a corrections officer:

a) Physical strength
b) Not being afraid of anything
c) Quick reaction time
d) Intelligence

and another one:

What should the correction officer’s attitude towards inmates be?

a) Suspicious
b) Fraternal
c) Impartial
d) Indifferent

The official correct answers are probably d and c, but I think it’s actually c and a in real life.

Here is what I found on the Net:

Preview a typical Correction Officer training program.
-Interpersonal Communication
-Hostage Survival
-Special Inmates
-Objective Observation and Report Writing
-Security Skills
-Transportation of Inmates
-Fire Prevention
-Crime Scene Preservation

I bet this sort of training is even more relevant in corporate culture. Just replace “inmates” with “coworkers”.
I think there is a decent store of psych warfare knowledge in these training books, I should get some for my library.