We’ll Take Your Money

No, I am not talking about NYU here, even though “We’ll Take Your Money” is its unofficial motto. The official one is “Perstare et Praestare” – “To Persevere and Excel”. Yep, not PowerPoint. Excel.

Hmm, I wonder what other interesting unofficial mottos other colleges have. Brooklyn College’s official motto is “Nil Sine Magno Labore” – “Nothing Without Great Effort”. I know that firsthand. This is especially true about registering for classes. There is no popular unofficial motto, but if there was one, it would probably be pretty profane.

Cornell’s “Deus Et Humanitas” – “God and Humanity” is sometimes mistranslated as “God Went To Cornell”. And MIT’s “Mens et Manus” doesn’t mean “A man and his hand”. Well, what can expect from them, their mascot is a beaver.

Whoops, I got sidetracked. I wanted to write about charities. You see, I use Yahoo!Shopping a lot. As you spend money, they give you points. You can get some crappy merchandise for those points or you can also donate the points to a charity from http://www.guidestar.org. There are 850,000 charities in their database. Pretty interesting. If you search, let’s say, for “goat”, you can find “American Dairy Goat Association”. Search for “butt” brings forth hilarious results, like
“Friends of the Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library”
“Charles C. Butt Foundation”
“HE Butt Foundation”
“Hurl Butt Street School House, Inc.”
and absolutely bizzare

And they all can take your money.

Me? I am going to donate those points to my usual charity – The International Dark-Sky Association.


This morning I remembered a funny idiom that an Australian friend taught me – “backwash”. It the remainder of a soft drink left in a bottle or a can, presumably mixed with original drinker’s saliva. Used in a sentence: “I don’t want the rest of your soda, that’s just backwash.” There is no idiom like that in Russian, probably because sodas were not commonly sold in cans or individual sized bottles in USSR.

So, I decided to take a look on the web and see if that was a strictly Australian expression or not. What I found instead was “Backwash Magazine“. And there I found a link to a very cool book – “Found on Ebay“. Schweet.

I always wondered if Ebay preserves all the logs for their auctions. I wish they gave them all to Google – it would be a catalogue for everything. From a shuttle to raccoon penis bones.

By the way, I’ve read somewhere that Ebay used to be an abbreviation for “Echo Bay” (now it’s explained as “Electronic Bay”).