Mike Rowe

For a while I’ve been steadily getting angry comments on my old post that mentioned the unfunny and annoying TV “personality” Mike Rowe. For a while I could not understand where these women were finding me, but then one of them explained that the my site shows up on first page of an image search for “rowe dirty jobs”.

“Mike Rowe is hunky and I have terrific sex dreams about him. He has one of those personalities that can make you laugh at just about anything” – wrote one of them.

While Rowe is indeed hunky, I still think that he could only be funny in this show. Now, I’d buy that for a quarter!

I Am a Published Photographer

time out new york article

All those years of taking pictures and publishing them on my websites have finally paid off. My photo has been published in a print publication.

See, because of my article about Graybar Building a Time Out New York photo editor asked me if she could use the rat picture. I sent her a hi-rez version (I can’t say that I’d crop it like that though).

So, the moral of the story is – take your own pictures instead of using what Google image search or free sock photo databases give you and one day you’ll also be published in a magazine. There’s no money (or even a free magazine copy) in it and the photo credit is placed in an impossible to read location and did not include deadprogrammer.com url like I asked, but I feel very special anyway. The article is in this week’s Time Out New York – run and get this sure to become collectible issue.

Anyway, if you know anyone who’d like to use some of my pictures, write me an email or something.