Stupid real estate tricks

Learned a new stupid made-up acronym name of a neighborhood, this time in Brooklyn. NOFA – North of Flatbush Avenue. So it works like this: take a landmark, add NO or SO and whammo – a name for a neighborhood. Sound cool, like SOHO and NOHO. So, I live on Nostrand Avenue – neighborhoods around here should be NONA and SONA. Sounds expensive, right? I should mention that to my real estate agent (I don’t have a regular one yet though).

Real estate slang is so damn confusing. Just recently I learned what a “junior four” is. It’s a one bedroom apartment with an extra tiny room, making it a 4 room apartment, but not really a two bedroom. I actually live in an apartment like that. I still don’t know what a “Pullman Kitchen” is. I suspect it’s a narrow kitchen, kind of like one in a Pullman car.