Now I Know Where Sinner Programmers Go When They Die

writing in smashing :

~ You are searched thoroughly at the end of every shift. You can’t put your coat on until you’re outside the store, and a manager has to search it first. Once outside, you’re patted down and may be asked to remove your shoes to make sure you’re not hiding any jewelry.

~ Being “friends” with anyone you work with is frowned upon, …

~ Any shopping bags/personal belongings/reading material/clothes discovered by the district manager will be thrown out immediately.
~ No “ethnic food” may be eaten on your break because it makes the store smell bad. You may only eat food that does not smell like anything.
~ No one with piercings or tattoos may be hired.
~ Avoid hiring anyone who is “aesthetically unpleasant” (e.g. ugly, fat, deformed, etc.) because they don’t “project the appropriate image”