Martha Stewart Eat Your Heart Out

I am a looser. I spent half a day today cleaning out “science experiments” from my fridge, washing the shelves and organizing its contents. In other words – “portrait of the hacker at home” (click the link, don’t be lazy) or Cowboy Bebop Session 11 (my favorite episode).

My fridge is pretty cool. It even looks like a mainframe or a supercomputer.

I am going to add blinkenlights some day.

Anyway, here is a tip for you. Supermarkets keep vegetables fresh longer by using this special lining material (pvc-coated filter). It allows better circulation of air or something. Supposedly it can prolong the life of fruit and vegetables by 50%. I bought mine from Amana for $8, but it can be had cheaper. The veggies do live longer it seems.