Lomographic Fotoclips

Lomography kind of reminds me of Feng Shui. Long before I knew about Feng Shui I used to follow some of it’s rules. For instance I have an absolute hate of sharp corners pointed in my direction. I usually arranged all my books and other objects so that there would be no sharp corners or edges pointed at me. Same thing with Lomography. When I was a poor college student I used to always carry a single use camera in my bag, and sometimes I would shoot “from the hip”. Even now I use my Powershot G3 in a similar manner. But even after reading a bit about Feng Shui and Lomography my adaptation of their techniques follow Sturgeon’s coefficient. I am not into hanging crystals on things and taking overly abstract pictures. I still only do what feels right.

Anyway, Lomography is a big business these days. One of the outragiously priced products that I recently purchased and like a lot are stylishly misspelled fotoclips (~$10 per 100). They are tiny and somewhat badly cast pieces of plastic that allow you to make 2d and 3d murals out of your pictures. These would work great for and his wall of postcards and ‘s “webcam” pictures. Lomo has one of these retarded shopping cart engines that doesn’t let you easily link to products, so use froogle to score some.

(both pictures taken from lomography.com)