It’s The Amazing Drinking Game Official Rules!

Take a sip of 10 year old Talisker when:

* Kathy writes about her 133t project management skillz
* Kathy writes about her 133t fencing skillz
* Kathy writes about her 133t money-making skillz
* Kathy writes about her cleancut good looks, a nice manner, and looking good in simple, well-made clothes and overall l33t classiness
* Kathy writes about her super 133t real estate skillz
* Kathy crunches some numbers

Take a small gulp of 18 year old Glenlivet when:

* Kathy crunches some numbers on what it costs to raise a baby
* Schmenkie makes an appearance
* A digital representation of deity’s name is saved from possible printing out and defacing by replacing letter “o” with a dash
* The devil takes the form of Kathy’s brother in law makes an appearance
* Noah’s digestive system is discussed
* It’s a tale of two bathroom storage towers or some other piece of well made furniture
* Parents-in-law make an appearance and do something “unfuckingbelievable”
* Mormon fiasco is mentioned

Take a big gulp of 25 year old Talisker when:

* Laundry Butler makes an appearance
* Noah’s status at college is described as “godlike”. Whoops.
* Something is enveloping Kathy like a cloak