Fux Delux

I really, really want to smack the makers of Timbuk2 messenger bags for not making a camera inserts for their otherwise superior bags.  And I really, really, really want to smack the makers of Crumpler which do make idiotically named camera inserts for the moronic descriptions that they provide on their website.

Like a bunion goes on a foot, the Bunion Insert goes in ya bag.  It grows in there; it’s a padded happy chamber but removable.  While it’s in there it sucks all your camera gear inside, turns it into pus then miraculously restores it back into your gear when you open the lid”

Silly me, worrying if the insert has enough space for my camera or wondering if it would be easy to take the camera out, or wondering if the partitions are removable.  “Turns it into pus”. Yup, that’s useful.

Prize for idiocy goes to the description of the Supersnipe bag:

“Oooh, pap, you got an interesting Idea.  It’s a Super Snipe.  You could try that, papa, coodin you?  Can I have a go, papa?  Mmmm, we can find us some bear, papa, some bear…furry good, yessir.”

Arrrgh, I want to give them some of my money, but they are driving me nuts.