Brilliant Pebbles, Lost Marbles or The Proud Audiophile

I don’t know. If $30 billion was spent on SDI, and their Brilliant Pebbles are “cheap” at $1.4 million each, the Brilliant Pebbles in this ad from “The Audiophile Voice” magazine don’t seem like such a bad deal. I bet they would work just as well as the SDI ones. Maybe even better. Oh, and the 10 Kilodollar DAC also seems cheap.

“A rather astonishing improvement in depth and transparency of the soundstage”. What, no improvement in imaging? How can that be? You must always mention imaging when you mention soundstage. (Though some claim they understand soundstage and imaging, it seems to me that they are just extra senses that audiphiles that purchase $99 pebbles and $10,000 DACs have. You know, like that robot from Kuttner’s “The Proud Robot”. )