100 Inch ……. TV

I was browsing a site that sells weird keyboards and fount this :
“A Perfect Monitor Solution”

Just $285.00
I think various pixel pushers and the nuts who set their screens to ridiculous resolutions could actually get some use this product.

Wow, this reminded me the Soviet “КВÐ?-49” TV set that was sold with a water (or glycerin) filled lens so that you could make out something on it’s tiny screen.

Oh, and a $9.95 kit for making a 100 inch TV. “The picture produced by this lens compares only to the high-end HDTV plasma screens costing over $12,000!! “ and “With every order you will also receive… A FREE 3 DAY, 2 NIGHT VACATION OVER 20 WORLDWIDE LOCATIONS!”

Don’t know about the plasma screen comparison and that vacation, but from what I’ve heard the projection apparatus kind of works.

And I also remembered my high school AP Physics teacher Mr. Lloyd who explained how Fresnel lens works.