The Deadprogrammer Drinking Game.

The Deadprogrammer Drinking Game.

Drink one shot when:

  • There is a picture with a blurry yellow cab in the background
  • There is a picture of a NYC landmark
  • I obsess about titanium
  • I post a poll and it’s filled out by 5 and a half people (out of a hundred + “friends”)
  • I write about Nathan’s Famous, iXL or working as an elevator operator
  • There is a Simpsons reference
  • I make a list (drink now)
  • The article is recursive (ditto)
  • I post a “howto” article about something that is probably useful, but too weird to try
  • I recommend a book
  • I recommend a livejournal user or community
  • I mention
  • There is a spelling or grammar error
  • I write about NYPD
  • There is an absolete technology article

Drink two shots when:

  • I am pissed off (or piss off) very smart people from
  • I gripe about espresso quality in NYC
  • There is a post with more than 5 comments

Drink three shots when:

  • It’s an article written during lunchtime

Chug when:

  • The lunchtime article is written around 5PM