Evil logos or Turn That Smile Upside Down

50 foot X 50 foot giant red neon umbrella on the ugly Travelers Insurance building overlooking West Side highway pissed of TriBeCa residents for years. Besides being tacky, it shines in their windows, not letting them sleep. It’s like that Seinfeld episode with the chicken store’s neon sign that did not let Kramer sleep. The damn umbrella is four stories high!

When me and were returning from our vacation we caught the sign in a broken state. The red umbrella turned into a sinister smile. Freaky.

By the way, Citibank, after merging with Travelers, changed its logo.

The arc is supposed to signify the umbrella, but it only reminds me of an upside down smile.

Banks have been mating like dinosaurs the last 10 years. My first ever bank account was from a Chemical Bank. I really liked the scientific name. Now it became Chase Manhattan. “Chase Manhattan” could be a good detective story name, right?

I’ve worked on intranets for both Chase and Citibank, and let me tell you, it’s really strange to walk out after a 10-12 hour work day and see the same logos everywhere. I really freaked out when I saw a 10 story ad for KennethCole.com. For some reason I see Ken Cole ads in almost every Q train (usually the whole train is filled with them. Oh, and now it’s even worse. In every supermarket, right at the checkout, a TV Guide magazine is staring at me.