Avast, Me Hearties!

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Ye Scientists, Naugty Wenches, Sea Dogs, Cheese-eating Surrender-pirates, Gothpirates, Scurvy Lubbers and Assorted Bilgerats!

P.S. Would a real pirate drive a Honda?


The first book is from the founders of Talk Like a Pirate Day. A good read. Why TLAPD is not a national holiday is beyond me.

From the book cover: “Gideon Defoe, who lives in London, is twenty-eight. He wrote The Pirates! to convince a woman to leave her boyfriend for him. She didn’t.” Gideon Defoe is also rumored to be a relative of _that_ Defoe. In any case, I really don’t see why that woman did not leave her boyfriend, as Mr. Defoe is a genius.

TT: Nerdcore

New on Monzy.com: it’s the rivalry of Persian Computer Science Gangsta Rappers. Nerdcore will never be the same. I say MC Plus+ should really bust a cap (apparently three is no clear consensus on the origin of this slang expression) in Monzy’s ass, at the very least for not using named A-tags or any other kind of advanced technology that would allow to link to individual articles. Yo.

(In related news, my Russian-speaking readers might enjoy this awesome birthday greeting)


Another good photo over at travisruse.com. The number on the train is the unit number that uniquely identifies the car. This train is an R46, since they have unit numbers in the 5482-6207 range.Using nycsubway.org you can even tell if the train you were riding in was involved in a major accident. I mean to write a little palm OS app that will take a unit number and give you some info about the train, but I’ll probably never get around to that.


Public service announcement. Have you backed up all your digital photos? By the way, Picasa 2 has an awesome backup tool.

Now, This Is Way Retarded

Animation cells. there are millions of them made while making cartoons. And most are amazing pieces of wall art perfect for any geek’s cubicle or bedroom wall. Fox sometimes sells Simpsons and Futurama cells as well as limited edition posters in one of the conference rooms at a discount to Newscorp employees. I’ve visited a few times, but still shelling out $150 – $200 for one seemed a little bit extravagant. I mean, for that kind of money I can get something more awesome.

Now, just this morning the best post-Soviet animation company Pilot was moving to new headquarters. What do they do with archives? They throw the entire thing into a dumpster without warning anyone. Animators and everyone else rush to grab what they can. What kind of fucking stupidity is that?

I absolutely loved early Pilot cartoons. I think I’ll check at the friendly neighborhood Russian bookstore if they have Pilot DVDs.