Silence is Golden

Somehow, the less I write, the more readers I get. Or seem to get. At least, according to Feedburner.

To be honest with you, I lost some blogging motivation when I could not break the 800 reader barrier for such a long time. Also, not one reader left me a comment after my customary self-made New Year’s card. The one lonely comment is from someone to whom I bitterly complained about this terrible injustice and thus does not count.

Just in case you cared, the seeds that I harvested from the pine cone given to me by a kind Rockefeller Center security guard, spent some time in a fridge and were planted. Well, in fact, I misplaced the packet with most of them somewhere on my desk, but the few that were planted resulted in one baby Rockefeller Center tree.


I know, I know. My blogging frequency isn’t what it should be. I am trying to improve though. And you can help me by voting on what the next post should be about right over here.

Update: I am supposed to have about 900 rss subscribers if I am to believe Feedburner statistics – and guess what, only about forty people voted. Turnouts like this make me want to quit blogging sometimes.

I am still working on a post about web redesigns, probably will post it today.