More Investment Strategery Talk With Deadprogrammer

Two years ago I wrote about my inept investments and got derisively laughed at by my longtime virtual friend Andrew. “He heh” – he went – “PALM, HAND. You should have tried FOOT and LEG”. Indeed , Foothill Independent Bank and Leggett Platt Inc performed better than Handspring and Palm Inc (they merged back together now).

After the Internet Bubble my investment strategy closely followed the baseline advice of “A Random Walk Down Wall Street“: I maxed out my 401K with a no load S&P500 equivalent index and the like. Later I scraped together the remnants from my old non-401K investment accounts, added some money and since I seem to always pick wrong body parts to invest in, asked smartass Andrew what to buy. His recommendations were AMLN and AMGN.

For the most of the next year Amylin Pharmaceuticals was not doing so hot most of the year, and I got to heckle Andrew, saying that even his stock mojo could not overcome my bad luck investment voodoo. Yesterday Amylin popped up 28% because “Phase II clinical trials for a sustained-release formulation of Byetta showed the drug, when taken at the highest dose, could help type 2 diabetics control their blood sugar levels while losing weight“.

Overall, I am up about 30-35% for the year. I never did buy that La Marzocco, settling for a very nice Reneka Techno. La Marzocco is old news anyway, these days the object of my desire is a Syneso Cyncra. If the things go this way further, maybe some day I’ll buy one.

Don’t even think about investing without reading “A Random Walk Down Wall Street”.

“Liar’s Poker” and “Ugly Americans” won’t teach you much about investment, but will teach you a lot about traders. Both are highly entertaining and very readable, real thrillers about BSDs. And there’s nothing “free” about them.


These real smart real estate agents were havening a strategery : let’s use that computer thing to put together a flyer and post it in in the office window. And this evening I brung my camera with me and took a picture of it:

Mantainence and airconditeonery. Leny and Boris lerned rite real good. And what an economy of words! Oh, and the amazing mathematical formulas. This is advanced real estate calculus, don’t even try to comprehend it.

Real estate broker’s fee is 5 percent to 7 percent of the sales price. That’s pittance for the services provided, wouldn’t you agree?

A phrase that I hear a lot these days is “Well he used to be a programmer, but now he is a real estate agent”.

Real Weight Loss With Deadprogrammer, Fair and Balanced

I’ve been working late and on weekends, but I still try to run with a Polar heart rate thingy almost every day. These workouts in the Newscorp gym make me feel “fair and balanced” all over. I started stretching out more, but I still can’t run for longer than an hour at 4 mph because my right knee starts to hurt. says that I am a wuss, but I am not going to listen to him.

I haven’t seen much weight loss (3 or 4 lb at most) since I started running, and that’s a bit surprising. I am still on the Atkins diet too, so that’s doubly surprising. I am trying a new strategery though: a heavy low carb breakfast, a salad for lunch and nothing for dinner. That should work.

The gym that Rupert built is amazing. All machines in it have a very nice usability feature: all adjustable handles, pins and levers are color coded yellow. Steve Krug would have loved it. The treadmills can link up to a wireless Polar heart rate monitor strap. Supposedly all of those machines can work with a special chip thingy which would record your workout stats. I am going to look into getting one of those.