Weyco And Smell The Smoke

From The Daily Free Press:
“… Okemos-based Weyco Inc., instituted a no-smoking policy in 2003, purportedly to save on the cost of health care benefits for its employees. The policy forbids employees from smoking both in the workplace, and at home. Weyco offered help to employees trying to quit and has said that 14 of its estimated 20 employees who smoked kicked the habit before the policy went into effect.”

Somehow I imagine the “help” that this company provided exactly as described in Stephen King’s short story “Quitters Inc.” that later became a part of the movie “Cat’s Eye“:

First offense – your wife gets some electric shock treatment. Second offense – you get one. Third offense – you get it together. Fourth – your kid gets beaten. And so forth.

And after you stop smoking you get the bill for 5000.50.

Quitters Inc is conviniently located right next to the United Nations at 237 East 46th Street, by the way. Don’t forget to ask them about their weight loss plan.

I bet once Weyco is done with the smokers they’ll go after the fat people.

“Top Secret / Majik Eyes Only” or Learn To Spell, You Spooks.

Today after work I was vegging, watching a stupid UFO show on Sci-phi channel. They mentioned the Majestic 12. Then they showed this document from the FBI website, although I think they removed the giant scribble that says “BOGUS” from the page.

Ha! It turns out Dr. Bush is so much cooler than I thought! He was one of the heads of the Majestic 12 and the inspiration behind the Cigarette Smoking Man (although he smoked pipes).