Thought Tally : I’ve Got Bottles Of Grins And Racetrack Wins And Lotions To Ease Your Pains

* I wonder is Tom Doherty of TOR is a relative of Henry L. Doherty of the City Services Corporation.

* Did Steve lose a lot of weight since the infamous “Developers! Developers! Developers!” video?

* Theodore Sturgeons real name was Edward Hamilton Waldo. He heh.

* Salesman of the Century about Ron Popeil and Curve of Binding Energy are totally going into my Amazon wishlist.

* The “Shottle Bop” from Sturgeon’s story Is located on 10th Avenue between 20th and 21st street.

* NESFA Clubhouse must be pretty damn cool:

“A big chunk of the purchase price came from money raised by the NESFA Lunar Realty Trust #1, a trust organized under Mass. law which collected around $60,000 towards the purchase price. The NLRT#1 sold bonds worth $100 each and paid interest based on the prime rate. Most of the money was raised locally, but S.C.I.F.I, the organization which had just run the huge and financially quite successful LAcon II, purchased $20,000 with of NLRT#1 bonds. (It’s worth noting that they paid for it with 100 checks for $137 — it’s a long story — plus one more check for $6300.) The NLRT#1 bonds were paid off completely over the next two and a half years.

While dismantling the huge dryer for removal, we discovered about a quart of stuff in the bottom: coins, jewelry, marbles, and other pocket stuff. The coins were the biggest portion and amounted to a decent haul. (Of course, it took three people several hours to fish them all out and clean them up…)

Another find of considerable value was a power shaft for the washer which was perhaps 6′ long with lovely ball-bearing axles and a 2′ diameter toothed gear on one end. As it was dismantled, people though it was much too lovely to waste — but what to do with it? Inspiration struck: Send it to LASFS! Don Eastlake quickly organized a carpentry crew and built a shipping crate which features heavy-duty construction and special mounting brackets which allowed the shaft to spin freely within the crate. The finished crate was closed, screwed shut, and put on a truck for delivery to LASFS. Since there was some doubt that LASFS would accept delivery of a huge sealed crate from NESFA, arrangements were made to have a secret agent on site to handle that chore for them…”