I only play a doctor on TV

So, those magnum Jupiter brains at Crispin Porter + Bogusky managed to crap the bed with their Microsoft ads instead of making Microsoft cool. For some reason this made me remember these three factoids:

According to Wikipedia, PC Guy John “PC” Hodgman is a Mac user, and Justin “Mac” Long is computer illiterate.

Kazuo Kawasaki, the Japanese designer for Sarah Palin’s glasses, is grateful to the Republican vice presidential candidate for making his product famous, although he acknowledged he also likes Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama“. Palin’s frames without lenses cost as much as John Edward’s haircut.

I’ve read somewhere that Norm Abram hates plaid shirts. A person who worked for the show told me that his shirts are mostly from Land’s End, by the way.

I don’t know, I guess this is how my puny Pluto brain works…

Sometimes a Woodworking Tool is Just a Woodworking Tool

My wife giggles every time Norm Abram says “dado” on New Yankee Workshop. An explanation that “woodworkers use dado blades to cut joints” doesn’t help things. On the other hand that could explain why I find New Yankee Workshop one of the most relaxing shows on TV.

As I learned at Home Depot there’s another thing that bridges a gap woodworking and Freudian Analysis — Freud brand saws.

They make dados too.

By the way, notice the price of the blade. Doesn’t that prove that 47 is in fact the most common random number? Not convinced? Check out .

Random bit of knowledge that I learned from Norm: there are saws that are for cutting with the grain that are called rip saws and those for cutting across that are called crosscut saws. Also Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke and European ones cut on the push. I am a big fan of Shark Corporation Japanese saws.