Oh, eBay, thy Name Is Obsession.

Oooooh. Shiny. Look at all the old snapshot albums that people sell on eBay. Take your pick: 1930s sailor’s (the seller who added “GAY INT” is probably reserved a special kind of placement in hell), Civil War, Victorian, WWII, 1920s Texas. The list goes on.

Scans from these would make an awesome photo blog. One could harness the photos in those albums to put together an amazing collection. Probably 10 grand invested today would turn into one hundred 5-10 years from now. Too bad I don’t have disposable income.

Asperger Smasperger. The Important Thing Is, Michael Likes to Categorize.

Are all engineers autistic? Looks that way to me.
If by some chance you missed this Wired article, by all means read it. Interesting stuff.

Continuing in the vein of making a mockery of the scientific method, here’s a test for your amusement.
How autistic are you : http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/9.12/aqtest.html

I scored 31 which is pretty much borderline. My wife tells me that this is all silly, and I am just trying to find a fitting category for everything and everyone including myself. Hey, isn’t that a symptom? Besides, how can she dispute the two minute test from a magazine?

I didn’t get enough answers on the two minute short-term memory tests I posted previously to make any interesting conclusions yet.

Live, From New York (actually Brooklyn) It’s

Weekend Update With Michael!

I spent most of Friday night upgrading my Tivo with a new 120 meg drive, which should give me 30 hours of recording capacity at best quality. I copied the data from my old dual drives onto one big one and tested the drive in Tivo. Everything’s ok, but I still need to install TivoWeb.

On Saturday I was finishing up what I call my Great Fight With The Wall Warts and Holy Insurgency Against Wire Mayhem. I’ll write about that later, it might be useful to you.

I also went shopping for fishing gear and spent a buttload of money.
Among the things I bought:
Seeker BA 30 7′ rod
Newell S 338 – 3.6 reel
Guy Cotten SuperKodiak Pullover
Buncha other fishing paraphenelia.

The pullover is really, really nice. It’s the kind professional fishermen wear. It has neoprene cuffs, very warm fleece on the top and fleece covered by PVC on the bottom and sleeves. Just what the doctor ordered for winter fishing.

Interesting thing is, the size of it is pretty much inflated. I am an XL, but in no way am I an XXL. The sizes were probably selected just to stroke the ego of commercial fishermen.

Ok, gotta go sleep, the boat is leaving at 7, and it’s already 2, no, wait, 1:15. Cool, daylight savings dealy is working it’s magic!

Some quick nerdy news

Ethernet card for my TIVO is on it’s way. I wish it was available when my TIVO’s modem got killed by a surge from a lightning storm (I had to ship it to a guy who fixed it for $50). I’ll probably install TivoWeb because Yahoo! seems to be pretty slow in rolling out online TIVO programming that was promised.

Powershot G3 is available for preorder. I can’t believe they used the same moronic silver color for it. Again. Didn’t they get enough angry letters from photographers (so many that the actually made a black color version of G2).

By the way, it’s interesting to watch the progress of design of G1, G2 and G3. One thing that I noticed is that the grip handle gets progressively bigger and more comfortable.