Senor Developer

My job title is Senior Web Developer or something to that effect. On of my managers at iXL joked that it’s really just a typo on my business card, and it should say Señor Developer. Har har.

In any case, I think I found a perfect food commensurate with my station:

This kind of reminded me about a story somebody told me about a graphics designer that worked at iXL. This designer dude liked to get really into his “creative process”. When somebody wanted to talk to him, he would ignore that person or try to chase that person away from his octapod. You see – he was CREAAATING! He was very creative all right. At one point he was working on a website for Lucent. And he spent a lot of time creating logo images. Boy, was he pissed when the client was very unhappy with the result. On his version of the logo “Lucent” became “Lucentè”. Lucent-ey. But he still could not understand why that was wrong.

By the way, I’ve heard some disgruntled programmers refer to the red circle on the logo as “bloody asshole”.