Where’s a librarian when you need one?

There is a book that I can’t find for a long time. I’ve seen its author on one of the late night shows many years ago.

The dude specializes in hand training. He trains surgeons, pianists and athletes. He showed some really neat tricks – like doing a horizontal wave with just the tips of his fingers. He was hawking a book that he wrote. And I’d like to have that book. But I don’t remember what it was called and keyword searches don’t bring anything.


Ok, here is something that I can’t find an answer for on the Internet.

NYPD cops wear a badge. And badge identification is no mystery to me. It’s somewhat easy. Silver shield – uniform cop. Gold star shaped shield – detective. Spiky gold shield – captain. The one with an eagle and the word sergeant – you get the idea. Five stars on the shield? That’s the police commissioner himself. The one with Magen David on top – that’s the NYPD Rabbi.

See the full list of badges here.

Now, what I have trouble identifying is the so called citation bars.
For instance, here is a picture of my home precinct commanding officer, Captain William McClellan.

See the little color bars above his badge? Those are his awards.
They are kind of hard to decipher on the picture, but here is a list of them all.
The medals are easy to identify: they are detailed here. Service bars are no mystery as well.
But what I don’t understand is the flag bars, like the American Flag Bar, which I see most often.

Is that an award, or a commemorative bar, like the WTC bar? Is the same true about Afro – American Flag Bar, German Flag Bar, Italian Flag Bar and Irish Flag Bar? What is the EMS Delivery Bar? Is it given to cops, who helped deliver babies? What is “Aux” and what is “Aux Commendation” given for? What do those cool golden wings mean?

Questions, questions. I am afraid, I’ll have to ask a librarian to help me.