Man, These Guys Must Have Been Really Baked

I was looking through my favorite home automation catalog when I found this: a remote controlled rabbit ears antenna. You might still have to get up to wind more wire hangers onto the “ears” to improve reception, but now you can wiggle it all you want from the comfort of your couch.

One of the few top google results to “remote controlled antenna” is an entry at – a site that either is ripping off or is being ripped off by Dilbert’s Lazy Entrepreneur.

What is really weird, is that absolutely independently of this find I recently had a conversation about with the owner of whom I met at MS training in Atlanta last week.

John Crapper Would …. Hmmm, I Don’t Know How He’d React.

Now, robotic cat crappers have been around for a while. I’d get one too, but my wife is a litter box Luddite. I am thinking of buying a Roomba vacuum cleaner because there are clearly not enough robots in the Deadprogrammer household.

The surrealism of this cat box impresses me to no end:

Another fine choice is the C.A.T.S (Cat Approved Toilette System) which was clearly designed by a retired missile silo designer