It’s Reader Tech Support Happy Fun Hour!

What do you guys know about window air conditioners? I am about to go and buy 3 air conditioners – one 220v and two 120v. My plan of action before consulting google was this: measure the rooms, calculate approximate BTU needed and buy some Panasonic or Fedders brand units and arrange for delivery and professional installation (I’ve installed enough air conditioners myself, and I don’t want to do it anymore now that I can afford it). Well, I searched on the web and in newsgroups a bit and so far my plan is unchanged.

Any better ideas?

John Crapper Would …. Hmmm, I Don’t Know How He’d React.

Now, robotic cat crappers have been around for a while. I’d get one too, but my wife is a litter box Luddite. I am thinking of buying a Roomba vacuum cleaner because there are clearly not enough robots in the Deadprogrammer household.

The surrealism of this cat box impresses me to no end:

Another fine choice is the C.A.T.S (Cat Approved Toilette System) which was clearly designed by a retired missile silo designer