Real Weight Loss With Deadprogrammer, Fair and Balanced

I’ve been working late and on weekends, but I still try to run with a Polar heart rate thingy almost every day. These workouts in the Newscorp gym make me feel “fair and balanced” all over. I started stretching out more, but I still can’t run for longer than an hour at 4 mph because my right knee starts to hurt. says that I am a wuss, but I am not going to listen to him.

I haven’t seen much weight loss (3 or 4 lb at most) since I started running, and that’s a bit surprising. I am still on the Atkins diet too, so that’s doubly surprising. I am trying a new strategery though: a heavy low carb breakfast, a salad for lunch and nothing for dinner. That should work.

The gym that Rupert built is amazing. All machines in it have a very nice usability feature: all adjustable handles, pins and levers are color coded yellow. Steve Krug would have loved it. The treadmills can link up to a wireless Polar heart rate monitor strap. Supposedly all of those machines can work with a special chip thingy which would record your workout stats. I am going to look into getting one of those.