Hey You. Yes, You. How About Some Tech Support Here?

I finally decided to build a nice SB62G2 based computer for my wife. But I can’t decide the following:
a) What kind of memory to get for it. That number of choices for DDR RAM confuses me to no end and there is no good FAQ in sight.
b) What kind of DVD burner to get (they all look good)
c) Which Pentium 4 is in the sweet spot of price/performance.
d) Which 17 inch flat panel monitor to get (about $500 – $600 range)
e) Which video card for the said flat panel to get.

Flower Shop at the End of Forever

Ok, maybe not at the end of forever, but definitely under the train overpass at Sheepshead Bay station.
These new led powered traffic lights are so damn bright (that’s what that red thing in the left corner is).
Oh, and of course, it rained like crazy.