Murdoch Erotica

In the tradition of The Sneeze, which runs “What May It Be“, I present my own version:

Rupert Murdoch

Before your fill my blog with indecent comments, I quickly present the answer: it’s Billionaire Tyrant’s upper bridge of the nose, as photographed by Platon for Wired Magazine article “His Space.”

Rupert Murdoch

Using harsh lighting that brings out every wrinkle is a cheap trick, Platon. I might just be jealous because nobody lets me take magazine cover photos, but if I did, I’d probably come up with something other than “face closeup”, “three quarter turn from below” and “sit your model down and take a picture from crotch level”.

Mmmmm, Photo Cakes….

“Lords” (located at on Flatbush Ave near Brooklyn College).

This reminded me of that Simpsons episode where Homer falls into the third dimension and stumbles into “The Erotic Cakeshop” . And you know what, the solution to this mystery was just one google search away:

“There is no real `Erotic Cakes’ storefront; that was made up for the scene. The real storefront is Rose Photography, 13567 Ventura Blvd. The establishment appears to be mostly vacant, save for a few ladders. It’s right between Yoshi’s Japanese Restaurant (red roof) and The Coffee Roaster.”