Murdoch Erotica

In the tradition of The Sneeze, which runs “What May It Be“, I present my own version:

Rupert Murdoch

Before your fill my blog with indecent comments, I quickly present the answer: it’s Billionaire Tyrant’s upper bridge of the nose, as photographed by Platon for Wired Magazine article “His Space.”

Rupert Murdoch

Using harsh lighting that brings out every wrinkle is a cheap trick, Platon. I might just be jealous because nobody lets me take magazine cover photos, but if I did, I’d probably come up with something other than “face closeup”, “three quarter turn from below” and “sit your model down and take a picture from crotch level”.

Esoteric Topics In Computer Programming

“Masochistic Programming”, “Non-Electronic Computers”, “Metalanguages” and “Self-Modification” are just some of the topics.

You can learn about *W Programming Language, which has no other purpose, but to annoy the user;
SMETANA language that can only modify itself, but is probably not Turing-Complete; and a tiny programming language called Brainfuck .

I blame those pesky Canadians.

Hey, alexei_, doesn’t it piss you off that self-modification is considered esoteric?