Cash register nunismatics

I spent two long summers working the seafood counter at Nathans at Coney Island. One of the few joys of a retail job like that is looking for foreign coins in the cash register at the end of the shift.

I was freshly reminded of that this morning, noticing that some generous soul donated what looks like 5 shekels at the local Dunkin Donuts.

A lame startup idea occured to me: building a coin counting machine that would OCR all the coins, sorting out any coins that have a nunismatic value higher than face value.

Box O’ Joy

I was always fascinated by the concept of a modern beer keg. Who invented it? Who could come up with such ingenious technology? Google is mum on the subject.

Wine sold in boxes is also an interesting approach to packaging beverages. But I’ve seen something even more bizarre in a local Dunkin Donuts. They sell brewed coffee in a box.

It’s called Box O’ Joe
The damn thing is huge. I think I’ll buy one as a decoration for my cubicle.