Call Me Dr. Uncoherentrant Rafi

My brain is completely fried. I spent the last two weekends writing horrible XSLT templates for work. This Sunday I was I was listening to Survivor soundtrack, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Doc Watson cds. Big Drama on the Survivor CD goes especially well with my mood right now. I hate XSLT.

Lost a few pounds. Not eating in the evening and running seems to have nudged me off the plateau. In fact, I am going to the gym right now.

In other news: the doctor’s office with a phone number that is similar to my work number is back in business! The new doctor’s name is either Rafi or Ravi.

Reading The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson. All I have to say, this is going to be the subject of the next “Best Sci-Fi You Haven’t Read” article. , if you are reading this, check out Night Land and Hodgson’s biography. Good stuff.

Why did I get into an argument about abortion with ? I don’t have any spare brain cycles for that. What will I do next, start arguing about animal rights with MIA ? Am I turning into ?

Wright’s book The Golden Age seems to be on a Hugo list at NESFA. I know it’s worthy of a Hugo and I think Gernsback would have agreed too. Heh heh, interesting how spellcheckers suggest “greenback” for “Gernsback”.

Music to My Ears

I would like to note, that I am not one of those people, who say “I can’t live without my music”. You know, the kind that never go anywhere without a walkman or a music producing device of some kind. I would give up music rather than literature or visual arts. I absolutely hate dance, but that’s another story.

My musical tastes followed a rather strange path. As a kid, I didn’t have much preference for music. I tried to get into classical music, but it seemed either boring or cartoony to me. Then, came the Beatlemania period. I really, really liked the Beatles. For me Beatlemania happened in the late eighties / early nineties. I still have an email address that reflects that.

Having listened to all the Beatles albums it was the time for me to find something new. I tried classical music again, got bored and got into jazz instead. Charlie Parker, Sarah Vaughan, Thelonious Monk and the like replaced the fab 4 for me. I can’t get into blues too much though. Too depressing.

I started exploring a little further. Unexpectedly I liked bluegrass. Bluegrass is a type of country music that sound more like jazz. The Carter Family and Doc Watson became my new favorites.

Now my tastes are getting curiouser and curiouser. I noticed a black musician who plays an exotic instrument sometimes in the subway. He never failed to get a dollar or two from me. I did a little bit of research, and turned out that the West African instrument that he plays is called a Kora.

(picture taken from )

And the musician is in fact a Griot, a master historian and story teller. I bought some Kora music cds from Amazon, but that only made me realize that the guy in the subway was a Griot and Kora player of a highest caliber. Maybe the gleaming columns of the 34th street station added to my enjoyment for jazzy and modern, yet so ancient sounds of the Kora.

Unfortunately this Kora player didn’t have a cd, but he did have a little business card (a printed piece of paper in fact) that said that his name is Lankandia Cissoko and gave a phone number for his agent. You know, how come those crappy new agey idiots that play in Times Square have a cd, and this guy doesn’t? Totally unfair.

I always held electronic music in contempt. makes me think about giving that a try. I am thinking about exploring Theremin music first.