Gadgetory Matters or Wannna Wanna Wanna

Ok, what do I wanna?

A nice GPS unit. I want to do some geocaching and I want to record coordinates of places where I catch the biggest fish. Which reminds me, I also need some nice nautical maps. Any advice?

A pen scanner like the c-pen (not sure which one to get)

A custom surf rod and a custom fluking rod.

A La Marzocco coffe machine.

A tablet PC.

Yeah, I still remember about that pen computing post I promised. I still have not started it, but I will write it.

I have finally seen the Acer tablet, and I’ve got to tell you that it rocked. The feen of the pen is great, so is the sensitivity. The software enhances your writing so that text looks like something written with a quill pen (I think it automatically flares the letters). Handwriting recognitions seemed to be very decent. I only had a few minutes mano a machino, but I have a good feeling about Tablet PC.