Absolut Subway

There’s an ugly blotch on the ugly tile floor of the auxiliary vestibule of the Kings Highway Brighton line subway station. It’s been there for a while and I am not sure what it is – some sort of sticky dirt, duct tape or pigeon poop. All I know is that it could make an Absolut Vodka ad.

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I’ve got a postcard from Eritrea. writes that there is no television and no radio there, but he had 3 different people asked him if he had a copy of TV Guide to give them. God knows I have a sizable stack of them here in my cubicle. :) It’s so nice to get a postcard. If any of you want a postcard from me, email me your address. It’ll probably be one of my photos.

is so much better than . Check out this amazing photo. I wonder what their story is.

A deep philosophical question from : “The Triple Chocolate Meltdown…is that chocolatey?” (The comments are hilarious too. “I like vegetables, but what’s in the chicken vegetable?” – another deep philosophical question.)

My High School chemistry teacher was absolutely sure that drinking a half liter bottle of vodka would inevitably lead to alcohol poisoning. Well, of course it depends on a person, but I know a lot of people who can handle a bottle. Three bottles in a short period of time is rather deadly of course. is pretty good.