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Walmart’s New Logo

Walmart is changing its logo.

From this:

To this:

MSN wonders out loud: “What does Wal-Mart’s new logo mean?

“”(The new sunburst) looks organic. My sense is they are trying to say, ‘we’re an eco-aware company,'” says Marty Neumeier, president of Neutron, a branding firm in San Francisco.”

This is the same school of thought in which a train disappearing in a tunnel symbolizes travel.

It’s abundantly clear what the source of inspiration of this logo’s designers was: this passage from Kurt Vonnegut’s classic “Breakfast of Champions”

“To give an idea of the maturity of my illustrations for this book, here is my picture of an asshole: “

To quote two other modern classics:

It means “grease your little cornholes”